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Missouri Loves Company

Apr 19, 2018

Vivian Kane and Brock Wilbur are joined this week by Francis Horton of What A Hell of a Way To Die ( podcast, where two leftist military dudes talk about what we're doing wrong as a country. Brock interviewed them (

Mar 28, 2018

Jessica Hagge and Bryan Moses and two KC based improv actors, playwrights, comedians, etc. Vivian Kane and Brock Wilbur just got to Kansas City, and Bryan/Jess are headed from Kansas City to LA. We discuss what kind of confidence you need to make that commitment at this point and then Brock and Vivian try to both help...

Mar 7, 2018

Kinzie Ferguson (The Empowerment Photographer) comes by to make Vivian Kane and Brock Wilbur look at their butts and do some giggling. We talk about her boudoir photography career, attempting to be better Wokelike white folks, meeting folks over spaghetti, and how to not let depression keep you from being a cool...

Feb 24, 2018

KC Comedian Anna May Smith stops by the show to talk to Vivian Kane and Brock Wilbur about season depression, volunteering, the darkness the dwells within us, and so much more.